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Airplay on Android AOA Service apk Free

Airplay on Android AOA Service apk
Airplay on Android AOA Service apk

Current Version : 1.0.10
Requires Android : 4.0 - 4.2
Category : Music And Audio
Size : 1.3M


This app is designed for device with ROOT permission Only

If you like to stream audio from Android device to Apple TV, Airport Express, Airplay, Airtune speakers or AV receivers, we have a solution for you.

AOA Service (Airtune on Android) runs as a background service that stream system's audio output to remote speakers via Wi-Fi connection. Since it access to the system audio, you can play music, video, FM radio, Games, Karaoke..Audio output from any App(s) will be direct to the remote speaker(s)

ROOT permission is required as this App need to access to system audio. Please make sure you have ROOT your device before purchasing this app. For more information on Rooting a device, please refer to the FAQ section below.

This app is not a music player, neither does it generate audio signal of any kind, instead it hides in background and direct whatever audio signal from your android device to the remote speaker(s). You can run any other apps that generate the audio output. For example: your favour MP3 player, Games, FM radio, Digital Radio, Net Radio, Video player , Youtube... (only audio signal will be sent to remote speaker, Video signal will still be play at your local device)

Summary of Features:

Stream system audio output from Android Device to :

1) Apple TV, Airport Express, Airplay (Airtunes) speakers
2) AV receivers such as YAMAHA, PIONEER that with Airplay (Airtunes) support
3) PC (Windows or Linux) that with software such as Shairport, Shairport4w, XBMC installed.

Refund Policy
This is a newly released app, there could be bugs and not all the platforms are supported, if it doesn't work for you, you can get 100% Refund within 15 minutes of the purchasing by coming back to this app in Google Play and select "Refund".

If you missed the 15 minutes window, Within 3 days of the purchasing, you can email us with the word "Refund" in the subject, you are welcome to provide more feedback if you wish. Please be noted in this case you might not get full refund as Google might charge some transaction fees.

If you intended to run this app on multiple devices, we suggest you try it out on all of them, as each device could be different.

Trouble Shooting

Unable to Connect to Speaker
If you tap on the check box of an Airplay speaker, but unable to connect to it, please make sure you don't have another device such as iPhone, iPod already been connected to the speaker, if so, you need to disconnect them first.

Installation Location
This app is for internal installation only, Please do Not install this app into SDCard, it will cause it to failed.

For Sony Xperia User, there's a feature xLOUD on your phone, please make sure it is turned OFF, as it distorts the audio signals terribly dry on a loud speaker. This can be done on Settings -> Sound, uncheck xLOUD option.

Email Support
Depends on the timezone you are in, response to email might be up to 24 hours.


Why this app Need Root Permission ?
This is because it need to access to system audio, i..e audio signal signal from other apps, instead of audio signal of it's own.

Why this app Request Root Permission Every Single Time It start ?
This is because this app do NOT make any change in system files, all the changes are in memory, every time the app stops or the device reboot, the system is back to it's original state, This is the safest way to run it, there's no risk of bricking your device. The draw back would be a bit of hassle of requesting root permission every time the program starts, however, it could be alleviated by checking the "Remember me" option in Super User / Super SU.


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